Concept Art & Fine Illustration

About Me

Who am I?

I am a multi disciplined artist who has had the privilege of working on many exciting projects over the last twenty five years. I lived in New York City for over 7 years, where I freelanced as an illustrator and Concept Artist for clients including; Sony, Lucas Arts and Rockstar Games.

My more recent responsibilities include senior concept artist positions within the Video Game industry on numerous flagship titles for major developers. More recently I provided most of the visual development and character design for Activision’s DJ Hero Franchise.

I have also had the opportunity to work across a broad spectrum of entertainment mediums including comic book illustration, and toy design.

Most recently I illustrated and designed volume one of my first graphic novel entitled ‘Cartigan’ for Akileos publishing. Volume two is now in full production.

Inspiration for my many aspects of art and image making is drawn from everyday life and working with great people.

My approach is focused on the subject matter and how to relay information within line, form and colour as effectively possible whilst enjoying the journey & savouring the process.

I often find ideas come to me at unexpected times. Be it drawing in my sketchbook, exploring streams of consciousness, cycling to my studio or experiencing the energy of a new city or culture.

I embrace the present, often shifting my focus to stay open to new influences as you never know what’s around the corner…