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Cartigan at KAPOW!

Posted on by Dan

Finally, after almost five years my first Graphic novel entitled ‘Cartigan’ with be published by Akileos in June.

Two weeks ago, myself and Writer Dan Willett promoted the novel at KAPOW! London comic con, where the general feedback we received for Cartigan was truly amazing!

As the novel will be published in French first, our main objective was to try and secure a UK/US deal for all English speaking countries.  Again, the feedback from many UK and US publishers was fantastic, and will keep you posted on the outcome. Plus Cartigan will be featured in Bizarre magazine in a couple of months!

Big shout outs to The Establishing shot and the very friendly Den of Geek for their lovely Cartigan compliments.


These amazing shades I pinched courtesy of Madina. Check out his other mental styles.

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