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DJ Hero

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DJ Hero has been announced! I’ve had the pleasure of being the Senior Concept Artist on this project for over a year. Along with Freestyle Games, I have been extremely busy in bringing this title to life.

When I came on board half way through the project, some of the in game characters where already in place, so I was asked to create concepts for over half of the remaining in-game characters and all the AAA superstar DJ’s. I also created some of the environment concept illustrations for the modeling and animation teams.

For those who’ve been on another planet, or have no interest in Video games: DJ Hero is the up coming title from Publishing giants Activision, who’ve brought you the Guitar Hero video game franchise. In the last five years GH has sold over 25 million games, being hailed as one of the most popular games in gaming history!

DJ Hero is a multi platform family game that does exactly what it says on the tin: Using your Turntable/mixer controller, you play as a DJ creating insane mixes, rocking different venues and clocking up your points.


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