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Luke Skywalker

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Luke Skywalker

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Merlin the Game; Bossa Studios do it again!

‘Merlin the Game’ has been announced! I’m delighted to preview a couple of images I created for the fantastic (Bafta Award winning) Bossa Studios in my ‘illustration’ section. Their latest Facebook game creation will be an epic addition /extension to Shine’s mega hit TV show ‘Merlin’.

Early concepts, thumbnails and roughs of the characters based on the TV series were featured today on; where the lovely Katie McGrath (who plays Morgana) commented ‘I love her hair in these drawing’… Well, thanks Katie!

That’s about it for now.

Peace, love and happiness be unto you. 

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Big Bossage!

More loading screens and wallpapers for the Bafta award winning game Monstermind which I’ve added to my illustration section. Behold! Arachnoid and the Lizardator!

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Bafta Winner!

The awesome Bossa Studios won a Bafta for Best Online Browser game last Friday. Their super duper social game entitled ‘Monstermind’, is Facebook’s first real-time Player vs Player game.

The game revolves around city building and tower defence featuring many B-movie style monsters sent by friends. For the past three months I’ve been lucky enough to have been involved in creating characters and loading screens for Bossa’s Monstermind. A big Congratulations to Henrique, Roberta, Ric and Imre for their lead and inspiration. May this be the first of many awards for such a deserving team.

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Hello 2012!

Hello folks, apologies for the absence. It’s not due to negligence, i’ve just been furiously busy with my Graphic novel Cartigan volume 2, and my new position at the wonderful Bossa Studios based in London.

For all those that Twitter, I tweet a daily sketch. If not a sketch, then a sneaky peak of a new Cartigan page.

I recently had the fortune of my second book signing in wonderful French town of Angouleme. It’s the 39th BD (comic book) convention since 1972! 40 mins north of Bordeaux, the whole town dedicates itself to everything Comic book. Over 200, 000 comic book enthusiasts from around the world participated. Myself and creative partner Dan Willett signed our ‘you know what’s off’ through out the four day event. The reception was fantastic, very enthusiastic and welcoming, and althoug both our French is very minimal, the locals were extremely accommodating.

My first book signing was in the magical town of St. Malo in Brittany. This was a more family orientated event, with 35, 000 folks passing through. Many people favor this BD event over Angouleme as they say its more relaxed and less industry focused.

Dan W and I are both looking forward to being invited back if we have part 2 of Cartigan complete… (Gulp!).

Thanks again to our publishers from Akileos, Richard and Emmanuel for being such gracious hosts. We had an amazing time!

Cheers, Dan x


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