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Posted on by Dan

Sorry for the lack of news folks, I’ve been really busy on some recent projects.
One of which is my own toy ‘Jasper Stank’, urban vinyl gone rural. A cheeky lil’ Pig Farmer with bad teeth.
Created and Manufactured by myself and partner in grime, Dan Willett.
Dan&Dan will be releasing Jasper this December along with a host of other vinyl goodies in production for 2007.

I’ll keep you posted on where to find the little man and other dan&dan projects and products.

A special Thanks goes out to the Candy gang in Dublin for their Fantastic Sweettalk 11. The turn out was superb, and apart from my odd brain fart, I must say Dan&Dan rocked it.

Thanks to Aidan, Pete Fowler & Playbeast, (Bud- Bud- Budgie man!) Brain Coldrick and his Sloth + our fine host Richard Seabrook for a great time in Dublin.

Freestyle games have just released ‘B-Boy’ on PS2 and PSP concoles. I was lucky enough to design all the US characters along with some of the games environments. It’s the first credible game dedicated to the art of B-Boyin’ (Breakdance), where you can battle against other B-Boys and B-Girls from around the globe.

It was great to see my backdrop still being used for the UK B-Boy championships held in Brixton. I dedicated it to my good friend, the late great Break DJ Leacy.



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